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141 Evaluation of Insecticides to Manage Leaffooted Bug

Principal Investigaor: Dr. Kris E. Tollerup, Cooperative Extension Advisor, IPM

Leaffooted bug (LFB) can cause substantial economic damage on almond, pistachio. In pistachio for instance, feeding during May to June results in darkened areas on the epicarp (epicarp lesions) and dropped nuts. Damage from LFB may have contributed to a 76 million pound decrease in production from 2012 to 2013. Standard recommendations to manage LFB on almond and pistachio include mid-season applications of an organophosphate or pyrethroid insecticide. And although effective these classes of insecticides can seriously disrupt natural enemies leading to secondary pest outbreaks. This project will evaluate an organophosphate/pyrethroid replacement insecticide for LFB management.