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Request Forms for Packline, Laboratory and Seeds

Packline Information Form

Lindcove REC Packline Information Form 2017 provides LREC staff  with the set-up and parameters for the fruit grading system on the packline. This form is needed 10 days prior to packline processing of fruit and scheduling should be coordinated with Donald Cleek. 

Submit the Form to:
Donald Cleek, Ag Supervisor, (559) 592-2408 Ext. 115

Fruit Quality Laboratory Information Form

Lindcove REC Fruit Quality Lab Form 2017 provides the LREC staff with a list of fruit quality parameters that need to be tested in the laboratory.  Submission of this form is required prior to testing and scheduling should be coordinated with Therese Kapaun. 

Submit the Form to:
Therese Kapaun, Staff Research Associate,, (559) 592-2408 Ext. 156

Seed Request Form

Lindcove REC Lindcove Citrus Seed Request Form 2017 provides LREC staff with the citrus variety and quantity of seeds needed to be collected during the varieties mature stage.  An estimated cost for the requested seed collection will be emailed to you.

Submit the Form to:
Kurt Schmidt, Superintendent,, Phone: (559) 592-2408 Ext. 153

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