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Call for new research proposals FY 21-22

Dates: April 12, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Time: All Day

Contact: Jasmin Del Toro: 559-592-2408 ext 1151

Sponsor: Lindcove Research and Extension Center

Location: 22963 Carson Ave

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Lindcove Research & Extension Center call for Research Proposals 2021-2022
Lindcove Research & Extension Center (LREC), located in the foothills of Tulare County, has land, labor and facilities available for 2021/2022 research projects. The Research Advisory Committee reviews proposals and projects are evaluated based on scientific merit and regional need. While LREC is primarily a citrus research center, avocado, walnut and olive trees are also grown there and other crops are welcome.

Open ground available for planting:
• Field 81E .45 acres

Citrus orchards available for research:
• Cutter Valencia on C35 rootstock (Field 21) 4.10 acres, planted 1992
• Washington Navel on Troyer rootstock (field 93) 4.5 acres, planted 1983
• Valencia strains on mixed rootstock (Field 11S), 2.5 acres, planted 1993
• Mixed Clementine’s on Carrizo rootstock (Field 73N) 1.72 acres planted 2004
• Lemons on unknown rootstock (Field 82E) 1.15 acres

Facilities and Support staff:
The electronic fruit grading system in the packline provides individual fruit data including weight, size, volume, number, scarring, texture, Brix and color. The packline also has a high-pressure fruit washer, waxer and dryer. Three cold storage rooms that hold 60 fruit bins each, walk-in cold boxes, and de-greening rooms have the capability for ethylene gassing. The Fruit Quality Evaluation Laboratory is capable of evaluating rind thickness, granulation, texture, puff and crease, juice weights, Brix, sugar/acid ratio and the California standard. A Staff Research Associate located at the Center is available to provide field and laboratory data collection.

Proposal Process:
Proposals are due May 28, 2021. To submit a proposal, go to the UC LREC website, click on the’ ‘research’ tab, then the ‘submitting a proposal’ tab, then the ‘Proposal management’ tab. Detailed instructions of how to submit a proposal can be downloaded using the ‘User Guide’ link on the RAC project management page.

If you have any questions regarding Research contact Ashraf El-Kereamy, Director · 559-592-2408 Ext 1154 · Email:
If you have any questions regarding Land, Labor & Facilities contact Kurt Schmidt, Superintendent · 559-592-2408 Ext 1153 · E-mail:
For information on submission of proposals contact Jasmin Del Toro, Business Officer,
559-592-2408 Ext 1151 · E-mail:

call for Research Proposals 2021-2022

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