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The Lindcove Research and Extension Center fosters research, education and outreach programs focused primarily on the citrus crop, but also has projects on avocado, olive and pomegranate. We support research projects by University of California academics as well as local and regional partners that address critical needs in horticulture, pests and diseases and breeding new varieties. On this site you will an overview of current research programs, information for researchers on how to submit proposals, a description of the facilities, a calendar and descriptions of educational outreach programs.

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  • Is your pesticide safety training in compliance with the new Worker Protection Standard?

    Added March 3, 2017

    We are in the midst of a new and changing era of Worker Protection Standards (WPS). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) recently published the revised WPS, which is meant to increase...

  • Teaching Ag Math to Middle Schoolers in Woodake

    Added February 25, 2017
    Collage 2017-02-24 17 33 25

    Staff Research Associate Sara Scott from the Entomology group at Lindcove Research and Extension Center taught 8th grade math lab students in Woodlake this week about citrus pests, citrus varieties and how to design their own research...

  • FFA Students Train for Citrus Judging at Lindcove REC

    Added January 4, 2017
    IMG 0868

    We were very excited this year to provide 100+ varieties of citrus for the general public to taste on Dec 10 in Lindcove REC's annual event.  As a special bonus this year, we also prepared an exhibit of fruit and potted plants with various...

  • Great Citrus Tasting!

    Added December 9, 2016

    Growers and PCAs from around the area came to Lindcove REC today and enjoyed the tasting of more than 100 varieties of citrus. 

  • LIndcove REC Fruit Display and Tasting!

    Added December 9, 2016
    DSC 7061

    Come one come all to the Lindcove Fruit Display and Tasting - more than 100 varieties of fruit on display.  22963 Carson Ave., Exeter. Citrus Industry: Friday Dec 9 from 9-noon.  Visit with Drs. Mikeal Roose, Tracy Kahn and...

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