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The Lindcove Research and Extension Center fosters research, education and outreach programs focused primarily on the citrus crop, but also has projects on avocado, olive and pomegranate. We support research projects by University of California academics as well as local and regional partners that address critical needs in horticulture, pests and diseases and breeding new varieties. On this site you will an overview of current research programs, information for researchers on how to submit proposals, a description of the facilities, a calendar and descriptions of educational outreach programs.

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  • Citrus Tristeza Virus Testing Keeps Lindcove Lab Bustling With Activity

    Added June 5, 2018
    Therese Kapaun performs RT-qPCR on CTV samples in the Lindcove Plant Pathology Lab.

    Annual CTV testing of all trees at the Lindcove Research and Extension Center was completed in April.  Four hard-working field staff sampled 11,000 trees by blotting the cut ends of four stems per tree onto nitrocellulose membranes. ...

  • UC Davis Scientists Evaluate Pest Interest in Mandarin Varieties

    Added June 4, 2018
    IMG 2267

    Hannah Kahl and Tobias Mueller, research staff for Dr. Bodil Cass and Dr. Jay Rosenheim in the Entomology Department of UC Davis are conducting experiments in the laboratory and orchards at Lindcove Research and Extension Center.  The goal of...

  • Dress right for work – check out the new UC IPM online course on personal protective equipment

    Added May 31, 2018

    Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. If you work in agricultural, turf, landscape, or structural settings, you are probably at your busiest. If you handle pesticides as part of your work, you most likely wear some sort of...

  • LIndcove REC Fruit Display and Tasting!

    Added December 4, 2017
    fruit 1

    This weekend is the annual Lindcove REC Fruit Display and Tasting Event! (22963 Carson Ave., Exeter) On Friday, Dec 8, we open from 9-noon for the citrus industry, with tours of various projects at the Center starting at 10 am. ...

  • California Red Scale Workshop on Biology and Management

    Added September 29, 2017
    group 1

    On Sept 28, Dr. Beth Grafton-Cardwell led an all-day training on the nitty gritty details of the life cycle of California red scale and its parasites.  She also spent time discussing the current problems with managing scale in orchards and how...

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